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From the same Creators as the ever-popular One of a Kind Show, comes the Delicious Food Show, now in its second year. Taking place over three days this weekend at the Better Living Centre on Canadian National Exhibition grounds, the Event features 300+ Exhibitors, Workshops and appearances from a Who’s-Who of Canadian Celebrity Chefs including Mark McEwan, Chuck Hughes, Lynn Crawford, David Rocco and Nadia G.

In Toronto today to kick-off the Show was Multimedia Mogul Martha Stewart, who in addition to demonstrating a Cake-Baking in support of her latest Cookbook, Martha Stewart’s Cakes, also met with 100 Fans who purchased the Book on-location. Gracefully, she zipped her way through the line, armed with a Sharpie and an enamouring smile, occasionally looking-up to pose for a quick Snap.

Earlier in the day, Stewart fielded questions from a mixture of Digital, Online, Print and Television Media as she reflected on her own Success Story, giving-out tips for on how to be a craftier Entertainer at home to Guests. On the influence of Online Media in this day and age, she says “There are many Bloggers imparting knowledge to a lot of people and I think that certainly is the way of now and the future.”.

I asked Stewart from her Collection of Cake Recipes, which she’d recommend for those like me who are constantly on-the-go with little time to bake. “I’d start with one of the Skillet Cakes or a simple Bundt Cake which has  a total of five ingredients. It’s pretty foolproof”, she states. “As long as you have an oven and a mixer, you’re set”.

She also touches upon her  influences and in addition to ensuring that her Driver always takes a different route when driving through New York City each day so that she can soak-up new inspirations, she reveals, “Great Chefs inspire me. I eat out a lot and I’m constantly visiting with great Chefs and Bakers.  I  appreciate the knowledge they impart.”.

On entertaining with little notice, Stewart swears by some good, strong Cocktails served to Guests on a  tray. “The Caipirinha is a great Icebreaker, as is the Bourbon Sour, or even an icy Martini”, proclaims the Domestic Goddess.

Opening its doors at 11:00 AM, Patrons enjoyed some fabulous offerings at super-reasonable price points from popular Local Businesses. Delectable Oysters from Oyster Boy; scrumptious Meat Pies from Kanga, buttery Lobster Rolls from Buster’s Sea Cove Food Truck; always amazing Tacos from Gourmet Gringos’ Food Truck; Lobster Guacamole from Canyon Creek Chophouse and positively delectable Macarons, Cookies, Lemon Meringue Tarts and Cakes from Petite & Sweet, which had even Stewart raving as she cut into a Celebration Cake designed by them to ring-in the occasion.

I found myself obsessed particularly with Soda Stream, a do-it-yourself-at-home Soda Machine with an array of available Syrups ranging from Kool-Aid to Crystal Light.  I even enjoyed a Killer Mojito made from the Machine and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. I will not deny that I also was a little excited to see an array of British imports available via Mrs. Bridges’ British Bakery and I do admit to stocking-up on some Marks & Spencer Cookies, while noticing a super-cool variety of Goodies including a never-seen-before Maltesers Chocolate Bar.

I had the pleasure of getting a quick Snap with Stewart who for a long time now has been an Idol to me, having religiously watched her The Martha Stewart Show when it was easily available in Canada, and also owning a few of her Books including The Martha Rules, for aspiring Entrepreneurs. Her Drivers were seen throughout the day ushering-in gifts and purchases from Vendors at the Delicious Food Show, while her Security Guards ushered her speedily into her Vehicle after another walk through the Show as the rain began to come down and  the number of Onlookers grew.  “Okay, we’ve gotta be quick!  I don’t want to stand in the rain!”, she said after telling me earlier in the day we’d snap a Photo at some point and although in a hurry, she was amazing still  to make an exception for one Photo.   She is just stunning.



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(Photo credit: Mr. Will Wong)